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Hi, my name is Kat! ^_^ I watch alot of tv, I obsess over celebrities, and am a hopeless romantic with my otps. Multi fandom blog. Fan of the Original Family. NOT A DAMON OR DELENA FRIENDLY BLOG. the jay to my yonce, and baby blue ivy.
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Right back at you darling!! Thank you :*

Right back at you darling!! Thank you :*

Gonna go for a brunch with my girls and going out to dinner later with the family and family friends :D

Its gonna be a good day ^_^

Artist: Drake
Album: Nothing Was The Same (Deluxe Edition)
Song: From Time (ft Jhene Aiko)
Plays: 37,549


I love me, I love me enough for the both of us

channelmodern look at our baby make bangin’ musiccc *-* and i loveee Jhene Aiko. 

Artist: Naughty Boy
Album: La La La - Single
Song: La La La (ft. Sam Smith)
Plays: 576


la la la || naughty boy (ft. sam smith)

I’m covering my ears like a kid
when your words mean nothing, I go la la la
I’m turning up the volume when you speak
'cause if my heart can't stop it, I find a way to block it

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Can you believe Klaus is jealous of Marcel and Cami having sex? I don't understand, and probably never will, why he gives a fuck about a mere human. I was also pissed that Cami just let him lash out at her, as if he has the right to tell her who she can and can't sleep with? It's ridiculous.


What I’m pissed at is why the hell Klaus’ manpain and jealousy/covetousness towards a woman who clearly hates him, distrusts him, and is frightened of him TAKES PRECEDENCE OVER CAMILLE’S OWN CHOICES? AND SEXUAL AUTONOMY IN THE NARRATIVE?

Who the fuck cares what Klaus thinks — why is that even allowed to be shown. Why is it even part of the narrative? Yet another reason why their interactions are revolting. His manpain ABOUT the use of her body is more important and deserving of screentime than Camille’s sexual and bodily freedom to get the fuck away from him. She actually has to be put in a situation where they manipulate her characterization to “feel bad” for Klaus because she decided she wanted to have sex with someone else.

Klamille is climbing in the ranks of my most hated and disgusting ships of all time.


i wonder if danny ran out of the party like WHAT THE FUCK GUYS YOU DIDN’T TELL ME THIS WAS MIGUEL’S LOFT

Favorite MoviesThe Heat [2013]

Me and her? We’re the fucking Heat.

There’s really no point in comparing TVD ratings and TO ratings, especially since they share the same audience basically. But the more they have back-to-back low ratings, the more it’ll hurt the shows’ longevity. The only difference is TO is on S1 and TVD is on S5.

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