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You know…if the 4x16 synopsis hadn’t mentioned Hayley and the confirmation that Klaus’s sex scene is in 4x16 hadn’t come out, I’d still be thinking Caroline is Klaus’s sexy time partner in 4x18. But NOOOOO. Now Im sitting here, thinking its not even Hayley who sleeps with Klaus anymore and it doesn’t seem like Caroline either. At the same time though, NO other women aside from Caroline make sense.

Im dying of confusion.



  1. warmfarts-69 said: I’m wondering about Klabby. Art imitates real life.
  2. sweettemptation926 said: Caroline doesn’t even make sense. It’s too early for any Klaus sex. The writers are just doing this now because Joseph is getting his own show and he has barely been shirtless which is what CW actors are known for.
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